Questions and answers for prospective Traders

Q: Do I have to purchase a specific amount of products each month?
A: No, you can order as much or as little as you wish. To qualify for bonus payments, you do need to meet the volume criteria in the months in which you wish to be paid bonuses.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: No, you may order as much or as little as you want.

Q: Do I have to order every month?
A: No, you order whenever you want. There are no requirements to reach sales targets or monthly quotas. We have Traders who join for the sole purpose of fundraising for their chosen charity for three months out of each year, and we have Traders who, from day one, structure their business to take full advantage of all the reward benefits extra sales can bring.

Q: Can I order extra items and have them shipped with my Business, Starter or Friends & Family?
A: Yes you may order extra items and we will ship everything together. Send us an email and let us know the codes and quantities you would like to add.

Q: How many brochures do I get in my Friends & Family, Starter or Business Pack?
A: There are 10 brochures in the Friends & Family Pack, 25 in the Starter Pack and 50 in the Business Pack. You will also get a selection of sample cards, sales aids and forms in varying quantities depending on the pack you join with.

Q: Do you require a minimum amount to be spent in order to use a debit/credit card?
A: No. Traders can accept debit/credit cards from customers and can submit those charges when processing an order via our on line order processing system. Traders can also use their own debit/credit cards when processing orders.

Q: Who will deliver my orders?
A: All orders will be shipped from the UK warehouse by OCS Worldwide and delivered locally by Australia Post's e-Parcel service and NZ Post's RedClick service. OCS are one of the major carriers for some of the biggest names in retails in the UK. They have an excellent track record and a history going back to 1957.

Q: How often will orders be shipped?
A: Orders will be processed and dispatched by the fourth working day after receipt, in line with the standard guarantee across all territories. In reality, we usually process orders a lot quicker than this, except during peak seasonal times, such as during the busy Christmas period. We anticipate multiple collections per week by OCS. In peak periods, daily collections will occur.

Q: When will I receive my orders?
A: OCS has four major hubs in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth), and one in Auckland, New Zealand. We have been informed that orders should then take between 3 (to metropolitan addresses) and 5 (to outlying areas) working days.

Q: How much will I pay for delivery of my orders?
A: For Traders, there is a flat rate of AU$12 | NZ$15. In addition, there will be a Small Packet Service which will be available for greeting cards only (maximum 20 cards) which will cost AU$5.50 | NZ$6. This will be useful for small top-ups.

The shipping charge for customer orders via Company-Fulfilled Trader Websites is unchanged at AU$6 | NZ$7.50.

Q: Will I have to pay GST and import duty??
A: As your orders are being exported from the the UK, there is no GST at the point of order. However, the Australian and New Zealand Customs may apply duty and import GST to your order. Currently, orders arriving in Australia benefit from a duty/import tax (GST 10%) exemption prodiding the order value is less than AU$1,000. For New Zealand, the current order value limit is NZ$400 (inc. shipping; tax and duty will be levied on orders above this value. If tax or duty is payable, the shipping company will contact you to arrange payment before your order clears customs. Please note, these exemptions are subject to change.

Q: Can I advertise on the internet or in publications?
A: Any advertising or promotion, direct or indirect, must be approved by one of the company directors. Permission to advertise on internet trading sites such as eBay is always refused. When traders advertise without our authority, there is a real danger that, inadvertently, claims are made about our proposition which misrepresent the offer and do not comply with the statutory notices that someone promoting a direct selling business needs to adhere to. There is also an issue of artist's copyright where images are used without permission. It is in the interests of the Company, and all Independent Phoenix Traders, for the Company to protect its brand and reputation. As far as the internet is concerned, all Trader activity must therefore be influenced by the principles set out in our Fact Sheet 4: Principles for use of the internet.

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